Email Marketing

E-Mail marketing

Good old e-mail is still, and more than ever, crucial to a successful campaign concept. It is with the customer all the way through the conversion.

The advantages of e-mail are obvious: it is inexpensive in comparison with other media, it is automatically and easily distributed, and the response can be easily monitored.
We incorporate the dispatch of e-mails and newsletters directly into your communication strategy.

E-mails are highly adaptable and can be easily received by nearly every device. They generate traffic on your digital offers.

In collaboration with you, we develop a suitable strategy for your mall. With our software and tools, we make sure, that your E-Mail campaign strongly links consumers to your mall. In order to optimize future campaigns, we track every single click, evaluate every delivery and return to you a detailed and comprehensive report.

Certified Delivery

We offer a certified delivery system that makes sure your emails are safely delivered to the recipient without being intercepted by black-lists or spam folders.

Individual Design

We design custom-made templates which transport your messages with a more visual manner and are well accepted by the recipients. The templates are optimized for display in established email clients and keep your mall in the front of your consumers minds.

Data management

We manage all occurring data according to current applicable data protection and help you to conveniently store collected email addresses. Our software allows us, for example, to directly deposit email addresses in the database that have been used to log in to your mall hotspot at the point of sale, which can then be actively used for email marketing.

Tracking & Reporting

We evaluate every newsletter campaign thoroughly after its completion. Whether by live-tracking, reaction to bounces or the processing of data for precise remailing – you will receive a conclusive evaluation report including suggestions for future mailing initiatives.

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