Digital Consultancy Services

Screen content

Our editors create new and attractive content for your screens.

We create content for the digital signage screens in your mall on a daily basis and distribute it to your screens in real-time. We develop user guidance to encourage the customer to interact with you.


The navigation menu can be operated by touch and is designed according to established usability principles for digital signage systems. Throughout the selection site the customer will get to the information site and will be offered many more choices from there on.

Mall News 

Use the synergy between social media, your website and your app: Mall Cockpit automatically distributes news to the screens in the right format and makes them accessible for touch use.


Take your consumers seriously and find out more about their needs: Our survey module allows you to prompt and query customers and reward them for answering. We store the results in the back-end and thoroughly evaluate them.

Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to reach your customers throughout the entire day, every day, wherever they are. Our content management system ensures that customers only receive news that matches their profile. Thus the customer perceives the advertisement as rather helpful than annoying.


We incorporate data from external providers to display helpful information on the screens, like bus and train schedules or traffic information.


The news mode conspicuously conveys headlines and news. The media channel is an advertisement and information medium at the same time. The editorial part of the program is updated permanently and automatically.

Product Search

We gather approximately 150 keywords on products, line of business and specifics for every single shop and incorporate them into the search function. Typing in a query automatically brings forward the requested shop.


Customers can like your Facebook page directly on the screens located in your mall. We create the according interfaces and present the latest post if desired.


Use the screens to provide customers with attractive coupons. We generate QR-codes that can be scanned by the customer with their smartphone and be directly redeemed at checkout. Increase spontaneous customer walk-in at the point of sale.


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