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Customers do not want to waste time finding a shop they are looking for. Our innovative navigation solution leads the way and can do much more.

The advantages of our interactive navigation go way beyond simply showing the route from shop to shop. It is instantly available for the customer, it attractively presents shops, it incorporates added-value offers, it is innovative, but more importantly, it renders your mall interesting.

The combination of touchscreens and a digitally processed map of your shopping centre form the basis of our interactive navigation. Every shop and every service offer is integrated as a click event that can be selected easily on the display. All touchscreen devices as well as shops and services are interconnected via the database.


Once a shop is selected, animated lines appear on the screen to lead the customer from his location directly to the destination. A possible change of floors by escalator or elevator is, of course, also taken into consideration. And it goes without saying, that there is also a possibility to display wheelchair accessible routes.


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By selecting a shop via the touchscreen on the corresponding area in the shop map the customer receives all relevant information for your shop. This of course includes the opening hours, details of the trade or highlighted products as well as a brief description of the shop. In addition to current offers or promotions they can also be transferred to the customer via a QR code on his smartphone and thus he can redeem when shopping in the store.


You can easily update a shop's position from the server if a shop relocates or changes its location within the mall. The screens in your mall show the new map within a few minutes. Moreover, you can display further information of a shop, e.g., a picture of the shop front window, contacts and addresses to be displayed upon request. Even displaying different daily shop-related offers and events is possible.


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