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Mall Cockpit

Mall Cockpit is Germany's most complete content management platform for shopping centres, perfectly tailored to your business needs.

With Mall Cockpit, the custom-built media suite, you can manage your website, apps, digital signage systems, mobile websites and social media activities. Mall Cockpit sends push notifications and tracks all activities of your users.

Content Marketing

Content is king! Make use of our editors to create content. Our professionals create occasions to interact with your target customers on a regular basis. In Mall Cockpit all comes together: You always have an overview of all activities and can manage your campaigns.


Organize competitions or reward loyal customers with coupons. Promote coupons online and encourage customers to redeem them in your shopping centre. Mall Cockpit lets you easily administrate all offers and helps you to gather information on your customers.

Push Notifications

Push notifications reach customers all day, every day, wherever they are. Mall Cockpit makes sure, that customers only receive news that matches their profile. This way the customer perceives the advertisement as rather helpful than annoying.

Customer Loyalty

Create added-value for your customers. A loyalty program helps you to strengthen the customer link to your mall, to attract new customers and learn more about the buying habits and interests of consumers.

Precise Analysis

It goes without saying, that we track the activities of your users on your website or right at your shopping centre. Mall Cockpit provides you with all relevant data at the touch of a button and processes them clearly at your disposal. That helps you to encourage and involve customers even better.


We program databases and interfaces in a way, that allows you to easily integrate external applications like your footfall counters. At the same time, Mall Cockpit is a high-availability system and lets you administrate your customer data centrally and safely.

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