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Booking Cockpit

Leasing advertising space within your mall is dynamic and profitable. With our Booking Cockpit software you can manage accounting processes and display relevant numbers at the touch of a button.

Our Booking Cockpit software consists of two parts. First, the accessible and easily operated back-end for data entry and creation of contracts and invoices. And secondly a website that provides your customers with all necessary information at a glance. 

In agreement with you, we set up and measure your mall spaces for our database once, label them clearly and price them individually – e.g. quarterly. We can count in prices for different weekdays, weekends, Sunday shopping or advertising campaigns. Once you enter the time period, space and type of leasing, Mall Leasing automatically calculates the price. The clients' data as well as the price and utilities are automatically transferred to the contract, and later on to the invoice.

During normal day operations you can autonomously edit accounting processes. And it goes without saying, that we support you continuously. The data is permanently saved and always available. Our servers are well protected from outside threats the abuse of data is impossible. You have all relevant data at hand and get a monthly comprehensive report.

Exact Price Calculation

Our calculation program takes your predefined periods of time and prices into account and connects them with the bookable spaces. After that, you just have to enter the period of time and the space to get the exact price.

Contracts And Accounting

Relevant data and facts concerning the leasing of selling space are automatically transferred to the contract. And once the tenant signs the contract, the data is also transferred to the invoice.

Data Management

We manage all occurring data according to established law and make sure that there is always a back-up to rely on. Our servers have the highest cyber security standards and are protected from any unauthorised access.

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