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Use the screens to prominently present your content and offers – or sell it as an attractive advertising space.

Moving pictures help you earn more sales

Make full use of the screens within your mall with videos and animations. Your customers too, like to watch beautifully designed ads and information. But the best is yet to come: Mall Cockpit allows you to link videos and animations to the content of your choice. As soon as the  customer stops the video by touching the screen, it automatically leads him to the requested content accordingly.

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Context Sensitive Advertisement
We offer interactive screens that encourage the user to interact with your products and brands – they show products as well as offers. Information on products and various content is displayed as soon as the customer touches the screen. Either information on products, the latest news or competitions. You decide which picture or video is linked to which content. This allows you to better understand the needs and expectations of customers.

Including Proof of Play
Our software allows you to control every screen individually or simultaneously. You decide which content is displayed and when. More than a thousand screens are controlled by our clients throughout Germany and Europe. Our clients already use the back-end of our software to create and distribute the content of their choice. It goes without saying, that our software provides a reporting system that equips you with all necessary data concerning your content – what content was on display and for how long.

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What can be seen where and when...

...that is up to you. You decide which content is shown for, where it is shown for and how long it is shown by creating it in the back-end. The content can be timed and therefore displayed within a defined period of time. But more importantly, the content can be timed according to the time of the day. A customer arriving at noon receives a different content than the customer entering your mall in the evening. Offers are displayed according to the target group. On Saturdays, families are presented with different offers than senior citizens would be on a Thursday morning.

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