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We facilate augmented reality

Expand reality. With our augmented reality solutions, we bring ads and flyers to life and make them an unexpected experience for the customers.

Augmented reality digitally connects information with the customers' real world, makes it interactive and makes it come to life  – the  perceived reality is extended by a digital experience. But you don't need holographic equipment nor an opticial head-mounted display – one app, a smartphone and WiFi is all it needs.


Make the most of your advertisement! Augmented reality is an outstanding mean to attract attention. Our innovations team transforms flyers, display window advertisement and such into interactive advertisement that is an added-value for the customer. Whether it be discounts or competitions – you decide.

Interactive Shopping Centre Maps

The foldable paper map is history. Make your shopping centre map come alive in co-operation with our innovations team. With the help of augmented reality solutions, video walls or interactive screens let the customers navigate to their favourite shop or let them experience discount campaigns that they do not even know about yet.

Ingress: Your shopping centre does more

Did you know that your shopping centre can be a portal and part of a war between the resistance and the enlightened? We take you to the world of Ingress that was developed by Google's affiliated company Niantic Labs and bring the game to your mall.

Set yourself apart from the rest.

There are a lot of shopping centres, it is important that you set your mall apart from the rest. Augmented reality is the perfect solution! Our innovations team together with you develops suitable applications for augmented reality that are perfectly tailored to you and your customer.

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