Reputation Managment Services

Beacon Technology For Your P.O.S

We lead customers through your mall via push notifications.
Individual offers and product information create visitor frequency in all areas of your mall.

With the help of beacons – tiny transmitters that can be fed with content via Mall Cockpit – we optimise the communication at the point of sale. Beacons automatically push notifications to your mall app and provide your customers with the latest offers and events.

But beacons do a lot more than that: a real indoor navigation can be implemented in connection with the app by installing beacons in your facility.

The customer can locate his position and navigate through the mall on his smartphone device.
The beacon technology helps you turn less frequented areas into a place to be.

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We feed the installed beacons with special promotions, which are then sent to the customers' mobile device: Your app welcomes the customer as soon as he enters your mall and shows him the latest offers. The right beacon technology allows you to send push notifications even when the app is inactive. Incorporated events lead the customers through your shopping centre and track them. Touch-Video-Tower, coupon kiosk, third party applications and cash systems can be fully integrated.

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