Digital Consultancy Services

HotSpot Dialogues

Our elaborate HotSpot concept turns your mall WiFi into a virtual meeting point for customers. A service rarely offered to consumers. A great opportunity for you to enter into a dialogue with your customers.

Once a customer connects to your mall WiFi he is automatically led to your HotSpot landing page. Here we present the latest offers, events and give your tenants the opportunity to advertise. Customers have to agree to the general terms and conditions and enter their email address.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

The landing page of your HotSpot can be equipped with content and operated in the back-end of our Mall Cockpit. This makes your landing page an additional space for presenting your offers, advertisements of your tenants or external partners. But it is more than just a convenient marketing platform: As a direct feedback-channel it helps to generate up-to-date customer data. You will receive reports including comprehensive facts and figures regularly, which help you with the acquisition of new advertising partners.

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