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Interactive Product Search

Intuitively, quickly and precisely: Our interactive product search helps your customers to find a requested article and the matching store.

One might search for children's clothes, another a briefcase our article database knows the answer in any case. For each store in your center we define up to 150 relevant keywords and products. If a product is searched for, we filter the results and show the customer all relevant shops.

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Customers can enter their product search on the monitors via an on-screen keyboard or via their own smartphone. In real time, we show not only the stores that carry the product, but also the shortest way to get there. In addition, we also define each of your center services using keywords and show the particular service as well. Each word can be linked to the latest promotions of your tenants and will appear visibly to the customer upon entering the word. A beautiful way to offer your stores additional advertising space.

The product search automatically learns: Through the permanent tracking of inputs we know which terms were searched for and optimize your database. The automatic fill of the terms and words entered after a few letters enhances comfort feel for customers and reduces typing on the keyboard. With the integrated blacklist function, we ensure that terms which violate the netiquette can not even be entered.

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