Social Media Marketing Services

Online editing

Social media provides completely new possibilities to communicate with your customers. Get to know your customers and win new ones.

Let us jointly figure out which means of communication are the best for your Mall and how to achieve your goals. Facebook and others are definitely an effective and efficient part of the marketing mix, provided that the strategy of communication, content and budget are coherent. 


Social networks offer real added value. The direct dialogue with the customer provides valuable insights and opportunities for the positioning and marketing strategy of your shopping center.

We communicate all relevant information in your mall with maximum reach and analyze data of users, feedback of your offers and promotions very efficiently. This results in turn to enrich each new campaign.

Online Editing

We equip your community page with a unique face and link fans to your shopping centre. Our daily and regularly updated and thoughtful editorial work creates feedback and animates fans to share the content with friends and family. Our editors have a great expertise and have been working successfully for our clients since 2010.



Relationships are a long-term investment. The successful development of a social media channel needs time and patience. We work with every technological and communicative option possible to establish your shopping centre within the community. We execute advertisement and campaign management intensively and revisit previously determined goals to measure the success of your campaign.



We use the latest technologies to play content directly onto the net. With Periscope we stream videos from the center from smartphones in real time on the web. The video will be played live on the social channels, anytime, anywhere. The audience will have the opportunity to submit comments to the camera image in the stream. The link with Twitter makes the whole cross-media exciting for your customers.

Fashion blogs

Through the daily work our team is always up to date on the issues of fashion, trends and styling. We make our expertise ' available on these topics via special blogs. Customers rely on this useful advice.

Social Media Management

Our editors are well educated in social media and sensitive to the needs of our clients, in terms of demands and time-scales. Our social media management does not stop at 5 p.m., we make sure to keep your social media channels updated, even at the weekend. We post content regarding current events and we are able to react to the unexpected. We use your social media channels to advertise for you and report back to you via our monitoring system.



You cannot prevent it. A crisis often comes out of nowhere. At the beginning of our collaboration, we develop a crisis plan for a detailed defence of these snowball effects. Best solution is a strong community. With our work, we strengthen your fan base and make them ambassadors to your center.

PR work

By working closely with you and your tenants we are so close to all relevant topics that we can quickly build the skills to take on your PR activities. Our team has contacts with relevant media and journalists. The advantage: You only have one point of contact for your public relations.


Social clips with RIFF

Invite your customers to make films of your center and post them on your fan page. Thus a personal impression of your center from the customer's perspective can be created with RIFF. With customers sharing their posts, you increase your customer range.


The magic word of any social media campaign: Conversion. The number of fans increases but not the customer visits? A problem, which we have often solved for our customers before. Only if at the end more frequency has been generated at your center, then our work has been successful.


We translate your posts and actions into other languages. By doing so, you can expand your audience and reach customers from neighbouring regions. We know the expectations and preferences of customers in each country and manage our postings and actions accordingly.


To entertain fans and users and to acquaint them playfully with products, we integrate interactive games into the communication. Initial data analysis of game applications partially shows significant improvements in areas such as user motivation, learning, retention, return on investment and data quality.

Whatsapp Talk

More and more companies chose whatsapp for their customer contact approach. With whatsapp you are reachable as a center at all times - for every customer in every situation. Our idea: whatsapp as a fast and direct line to center management. You can even respond or we will do it for you.

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