Email Marketing

Advertising in Social Networks

To have a successful social media strategy the planning and deliberate placing of advertisements is a must. Strengthen your brand and ensure Conversion.

To promote your social media activity in a more targeted manner, we create a stringent plan for your center. This will strengthen your brand, increase coverage, reach and leverage and convert many more customers, in a way that can be monitored.

The basis for all communication in social media is attractive and targeted content. Moreover, with targeted advertising, generating of fans, increasing coverage and interaction, on Facebook for example, can be tailored and improved.

We use Promoted Posts to increase the organic reach and increase interaction in editorials.


Of course, advertising in the social networks also costs money.

Due to the systematic targeted selection by geographic area and the customer’s interests, the investment costs are negligible, especially in terms of campaign management, when the need to strengthen the brand is meaningful and important. Depending on the objectives of generating fans, the budget can therefore be defined precisely.


Promoted Posts

To ensure that all reviews of current fans and followers are displayed, it is crucial to continuously ensure a high degree of interaction with “likes” and content parts of articles. To support this, we use Promoted posts. We advertise individual contributions with especially dedicated existing budget. The visibility of the individual contributions is leveraged and a larger number of users (fans and their friends) recognise the desired post in their news feed.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are especially used to support advertised promotion, events and competitions and to provide an increase in Facebook fans. The placement of such an ad makes your action visible not only to the existing fan base, but also for potential new fans. The target group of people to whom the dedicated promotion is to be displayed, will be jointly defined together with you, as well as specific keywords to achieve a higher number of new 'Likes'. The aim of Facebook Ads is to pull as many clicks as possible towards the ad and steer curious users to 'like' the sites.

Dark Posts

No worries - With the placement of "Dark Posts" we do not exceed the limits of legal advertising. They are called Dark Posts because; they appear in the news feed of your fans, but not in their timeline. They are, first step, to test proposed ad concepts without straining the entire fan base. On the other hand, "unpublished posts" can gear link specific messages to a defined target group of women or men.

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